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Woodland Garden Walk - 55 mins

Stretch your legs, fill your lungs with fresh air and let the kids run free as you meander through woodland paths lined with spectacular collections of camellias, magnolias and rhododendrons.

Duration: 55 min

♿ Fragrant Walk - 20 mins

Accessible to all our visitors, enjoy year-round, ever-changing fragrances as you journey through varied plant collections and glimpse the woodland garden to the west and the walled garden to the east.

Duration: 20 min

Walled Garden Walk - 30 mins

Discover how herbs, vegetables and fruit trees are grown on an easy stroll through the kitchen garden; enjoy expanses of soothing green lawn and flowering trees around the pleasure garden.

Duration: 30 MIN


Thursday Tours

Every Thursday between March and October you can join us for a scheduled guided tour of the gardens at 2:00pm (weather permitting). Meet at Mount Congreve House before entering the gardens, through the house, as the Congreve Family once did. From there your guide will take you on a gentle stroll through the woodland gardens, fragrant walk, as well as the walled gardens. Throughout the tour you will experience all that the gardens have to offer, while learning about the estate’s history, including anecdotes about its former owners. This is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in a world-renowned garden.

DURATION: Approx. 1.5 - 2 hours
PRICE: €19 per person (€17.10 for Members)
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Garden Highlight Walk

Following a grand arrival through the main entrance of Mount Congreve House, visitors will enjoy a gentle stroll through Mount Congreve's gardens. Following the terrace walk, past the rolling rose lawn, highlights include the delicately leafed Acer Tamukeyama and vibrant pink-green tinged Pseudowintera “Marjorie Congreve” named after Mr. Ambrose Congreve's wife. From there, visitors stroll past Bell Gate Lawn, surrounded by almost 200 Rose “Scarlet Abundance” and overlooked by ancient Oak trees. This guided tour includes the Walled Gardens, where fruit and vegetables have been grown to support the estate over centuries. TO BOOK email our Estate Team at [email protected] or telephone +353 (0)51 384 115

DURATION: Approx. 1 hour
FITNESS LEVEL: Low - Moderate
PRICE: For details email: [email protected]
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Guided tour with Expert Gardener

In addition to a guided visit of Mount Congreve's 70-acre formal and woodland gardens, this tour offers visitors a rare opportunity to learn from one of the estate's resident gardening experts and gain a deeper insight into the workings and management required throughout diverse seasons. Learn first-hand secrets and world-class, innovative gardening techniques that have been shared over centuries. These include how the walled gardens have been laid out to create a natural airflow to protect against frost and disease, the rotation of crops for the best care of soil. The integrated pest control system that enables plants to thrive and survive organically. The centuries-old technique of self-irrigating conservatories, the methods that encourage the growth of grapes and peaches, even in Ireland's temperate climate! TO BOOK email our Estate Team at [email protected] or telephone +353 (0)51 384 115

DURATION: Approx. 2 hours
PRICE: For details email: [email protected]
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